Jonny Craig and the suicide sign. This photo has been a long time coming but because of one reason or another it would never happen. Recently I was supposed to be on tour with Jonny and his new project, but due to a knee injury I had to fly home and once again the opportunity for this photo slipped by. Fast forward a couple of weeks and finally we cross paths, this time on the vans warped tour. I forget which date we took this photo on but I do remember it being completely spontaneous.

(Btw I’m not here pretending that Jonny and I are best friends, in fact we hardly know each other. I think him and I could both agree that aside from a few conversations and seeing each other at some shows we are complete strangers. However, that doesn’t mean we are allowed to walk by each other like we have never met. Jonny has always made sure to say hello when we see each other and I respect that. Anyway, back to the story.)

I was at my merch tent when Jonny swings by and says what’s up. I ask him how things are going and after some small chat I go back to dealing with kids. Later in the day while standing side stage a band mate of Jonny’s brings up the topic about the suicide sign project; Craig says he has actually seen it around and wouldn’t mind being a part of it. I took that as my invitation, grabbed my camera, pulled Jonny aside, talked a little and snapped this photo.

I’m not exactly sure but I would say that was the first time Jonny and I talked about something else that wasn’t music or touring. 
It’s hard making time to have an actual conversation with someone, specially in such a fast moving environment like a concert so I’m glad we got to do more than just greet each other. If I have learned anything in my touring years is that the more time you invest into something the more you learn. People are no exception to this and so I encourage everyone to invest time into their friendships. Social media like Facebook/twitter is nothing more than entertainment and it will never replace real world interaction.
Don’t just think you know someone, get to know someone.


I had a dream last night that I worked at McDonalds and I was behind the counter when this guy dressed in a tuxedo (with white dickie and tie) was snapping his fingers for a server. I went I over and he asked to see our “darkest red” and I knew he was talking about wine so I said “sir, this is McDonalds. The darkest red we have here is ketchup” and he had me pour him a glass of ketchup and he drank it while looking me directly in the eye.

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I feel like the motto of 2013 was “wait what”

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"I didn’t realize it, but the days came along one after another, and then two years were gone, and everything was gone, and I was gone."

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when ur with ur best friend